World-class architectural marvels from SMDC


It allows you to have a piece of an iconic residential landmark.

In tapping an impressive roster of renowned masters in architecture and design, SM Development Corp. (SMDC) goes beyond providing a mere home, as it also creates premier residences that will enable Filipinos to buy into fine artistry and a modern integrated lifestyle—one that highlights elegance, comfort and convenience in this new era. Effectively, SMDC has long been bringing global excellence and international caliber to contemporary urban communities across all its projects.

Multi-awarded designers Michael Fiebrich Design (MFD) and Adrian L. Norman Ltd. (ALN) are among the renowned experts that have brought their sophisticated aesthetics and creative flair to the Philippines, allowing more Filipinos to have a taste of world-class living experience.

Beauty, texture, light

Interior design that captures light, color and texture is the language of the Singapore-based MFD, a full-service interior architectural firm that has designed some of the world’s most iconic structures.

And MFD is bringing that similar symphony of beauty, texture and light in the residences of SMDC’s Gold City, an 11.6-ha masterplanned integrated community strategically located right across the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Touted as the gold standard for SMDC’s first township, Gold City was  cited as the Best Township Development by Property Guru during the 2019 Asia Property Awards.

Take a fancy to the spacious lobby inside the residences of Gold City with its clean lines, floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to filter through, as well as earth colored floors that complement rich tones of copper and gold and accentuated by highlights of black for that added sophistication. Not to mention those white and plush velvety cushions that further create that relaxing but refined ambience, well-suited for the elegant taste of the modern urban dweller.

Backed by 25 years of experience in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, MFD has long been known for designs that range from traditional and classic to contemporary and cutting edge. Its design philosophy strives to be responsive to the mind, body and soul, while evoking a sensory appeal.

Such a philosophy has been aptly recognized by prestigious award-giving bodies, enabling MFD to reap numerous awards in hotel, restaurant and residential design. At last year’s International Hotel and Property Awards in Capri, MFD bagged the Design Society International’s Designer of the Year award and Best Hotel Suite in Asia Pacific for its work on the presidential suite of the Conrad Hotel in Manila, while in 2018, its work on the Crowne Towers in Perth, Australia, won the Best Hotel Suite Global. Its other award-winning designs can  also be found in several more hotels, spas and restaurants in Australia and Asia.

Creating lush built‍ environments

For the multi-awarded, Hong Kong-based ALN, architecture, interior design and landscape are made to seamlessly blend in a rich, verdant built environment—ideal especially in today’s times.

With ALN’s meticulous workmanship, such an environment is most often defined by its curvilinear open spaces of diverse trees, shrubs and groundcovers, a courtyard with a garden and a pool surrounded by lush greenery and fresh air that offer…

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