Wells Fargo Hyderabad building conferred with LEED v4 Platinum certification


Wells Fargo India’s newest office space becomes the first building in Hyderabad to achieve LEED v4 Platinum certification under the LEED for Interior Design and Construction (LEED ID+C) Rating System. Focusing on reuse and recycling during furnishing, Wells Fargo India has diverted an estimated 191.2 metric tons of office furniture from the landfill.

Wells Fargo Hyderabad is the 10th building in India to secure the LEED v4 Platinum certification under the LEED for Interior Design and Construction (LEED ID+C) Rating System.HYDERABAD, India, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Wells Fargo India has announced that its latest tower in the Hyderabad campus has achieved LEED v4 Platinum certification. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally recognized green building rating system that addresses the entire lifecycle of a building from design and construction to operations and maintenance. Created by the U.S. Green Building Council, or USGBC, LEED defines and measures green building requirements, providing a roadmap for developing sustainable buildings and establishing a baseline for reducing environmental impacts. This accomplishment makes Wells Fargo India the first organization to achieve LEED v4 Platinum certification under LEED ID+C for a building in Hyderabad. With an area of 374,000 square feet, Tower 3 is the newest building at Wells Fargo India’s Hyderabad campus and was inaugurated in November 2018.

Reaffirming Wells Fargo’s commitment towards sustainable practices, Arindam Banerrji, managing director and head of Wells Fargo India & Philippines, said, “This recognition is a testimony for future-forward organizations as ours, where sustainability is a way of life. It is a great milestone to become the first building in Hyderabad and the second building in South Asia to obtain LEED v4 ID+C Platinum certification. It encourages us to continue working towards green practices and adopting innovative ways of improving the health, safety, and wellbeing of the communities we operate in. It affirms our pledge to reach a lower-carbon economy and reduce the impact on climate change as an organization while bringing us to the forefront of the green building movement.” All existing built-to-suit Wells Fargo facilities in India are also LEED-certified. LEED certification is based on several factors like energy efficiency and eco-friendly technologies, equipment, and materials used for the building, including lighting systems, water treatment technologies, renewable energy, nontoxic paints, FSC-certified woods, and recycled materials.

Wells Fargo India’s sustainable achievements leading to Tower 3’s LEED v4 Platinum certification include: Against an earlier version of the rating system (LEED 2009), LEED v4 calls for a 20% water consumption reduction; the Wells Fargo design results in a 47% reduction, and including recycled water from the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) the consumption reduction further increases to 76%. An 18% energy savings.

Approximately 80% of the regularly occupied area is accessible to an external view (natural light). 100% of the electrical energy consumed by the building is covered by Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs.

Almost 88% of project construction waste is sent to recycler. The fresh air system, which is part of the air conditioning, has been designed per ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 guidelines to maintain good indoor air quality at all times.

A unique reuse project Nearly 100% of the…

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