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Riverview in Gdańsk has become the first residential estate in Poland to receive a LEED certificate.

One priority for meeting the environmental LEED certification requirements of was to ensure the high energy performance of the buildings. The architects of the estate focused on introducing compact volumes, ensuring the proper ratio of the buildings’ cubature to their footprint. Their functional glazing protects the interiors against overheating during the summer and provides the right climate for comfortable use of the apartments. The approaches adopted have reducing the annual load of solar radiation by more than 45 pct. LED lights have been installed, which, along with the DALI system and motion detectors, have helped to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings by 47 pct and their CO2 emissions by 50 pct – the equivalent of removing 1,830 cars from the traffic.

Vastint Poland, the developer of the estate, has also focused on using natural, local and recyclable materials in the construction of the buildings’ façades. These include aluminium, wood and clinker brick.

We tried to make the building materials were as natural and locally sourced as possible to reduce the heavy transport to the construction site. Proponents of this way of thinking will also be pleased with the fact that at each construction stage a waste segregation and recycling program at the level of 75% has been implemented.
Tomasz Okuszko a project manager at Vastint Poland

Riverview, which is situated at the junction of ul. Na Stepce and ul. Angielska Grobla close to Spichrzów Island, comprises seven buildings with 282 apartments.

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