Northern Territory’s $4.8 million Urban Oval Lighting Upgrades Project completed


The lighting installation at Nightcliff Oval has completed the Northern Territory Government’s $4.8 million Urban Oval Lighting Upgrades Project, which was designed to improve experiences for sports participants and spectators at three Darwin City Ovals: Gardens Oval One, Bagot Oval and Nightcliff Oval.

The lights will provide some heat relief for AFL and Cricket players and spectators by providing opportunity for additional matches during cooler times of the day.

City of Darwin have been managing the Urban Oval Lighting Upgrades Project and have been working closely with the NT Government to install lights that provide more opportunities for the community, particularly women, girls and juniors, to train and play at night.

City of Darwin Lord Mayor, Kon Vatskalis commented that “the completion of the project is a turning point for sport in Darwin. The installation of lights at three of Darwin’s major ovals means training and games can now be played at the cooler times of the day.”

“City of Darwin has worked closely with the Northern Territory Government, who funded the project, to install these lights. The sporting community, across many codes, is delighted with the outcome and opportunities these lights afford to players and spectators.”

Local contractor Espec NT completed works at all three ovals, which supported 20 jobs. The lighting installation at Nightcliff Oval will increase the amount of oval availability and allow users to train and play at cooler times of the day, lessening the impact of heat on participants and spectators.

The installation of sporting oval lights means the Darwin community has more opportunities to participate in sports, with local clubs able to schedule training and matches, including after-work and after-school sessions.

Nightcliff Cricket Club President, Brad Hatton enthused “The Nightcliff Cricket Club is excited about the opportunities that the Nightcliff Oval lighting project will provide our club members.

“This project will enable our club to provide flexible training and playing options to enhance player development and increase participation in cricket.”

Northern Territory Minister for Sport, Kate Worden advised that the Territory Government is investing in sporting facilities and noted “I am proud of this fantastic collaboration the NT Government and City of Darwin. The completion of the $4.8 million Urban Oval Lighting Upgrades Project is a huge milestone for the Darwin sporting community, and marks great timing since we are now in one of the hottest times of the year.

“The Nightcliff Oval upgrades will benefit Territorians by increasing opportunities to participate in sport after hours and lessening the heat impact on sports participants and spectators. By providing additional training and game times during cooler times of the day, we hope these upgrades will entice more Territorians to become involved in sport.”

Member for Nightcliff, Natasha Fyles added “I know my local electorate will very much enjoy this new addition to their community; more local kids can train in the cooler evenings and it’s a huge win for the Nightcliff Tigers who can now continue to grow their junior participation base.”

Nightcliff Football Club President, Mark Dodge explained “The lighting upgrades at Nightcliff Oval come at a great time. Starting 6:30pm on Saturday 21st November, all of our Men’s Premier League home games will be played under lights.


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