‘Life Time Living’ proposed for 4th Ave. housing in Burlington’s Northwest Park


BURLINGTON – Northwest Park isn’t done evolving.

Nordblom Company, owner of Northwest Park on Middlesex Turnpike, recently presented five special permit applications to the Planning Board for a modern living concept on 4th Ave., called “Life Time Living.”

Northwest Park has been transforming over the past decade into a vibrant mixed-use campus, successfully integrating office and commercial tenants with retail, restaurants, multi-family housing and hospitality uses along the trendsetting 3rd Ave.

More recently, Life Time Fitness opened adjacent to 4th Ave., offering an extensive fitness center to area employees and residents. These combined initiatives have propelled the campus further towards implementation of the campus-wide master plan approved in 2007.

“We are trying to hold our original vision and develop the rest of [Northwest Park] that has not been developed,” explained local attorney Robert Buckley, of Riemer & Braunstein, representing Nordblom Company.

The site in question on 4th Ave., 174 Middlesex Turnpike, was previously approved for an office use and as Nordblom tried to find a suitable tenant for the property for over a decade, nothing truly manifested. This is where Town Meeting’s approval in September 2019 to expand the Planned Development District (PDD) language to further support housing opportunities within Northwest Park by allowing for the development of an additional 300 multi-family residences comes into play with this most recent proposal.

“We are pivoting to a residential concept,” acknowledged Todd Fremont-Smith, senior vice president at Nordblom Company. “Over the past year, we have analyzed the campus and determined the most appropriate location for the creation of a new residential enclave is adjacent to Life Time Fitness.”

The proposed 167-unit building will offer multi-level living located within walking distance of Life Time Fitness and 3rd Ave. With multiple courtyards, modern architecture, electric vehicle charging stations, and solar roof installations, the “s” shaped building would be 14 percent affordable, equating to 23 affordable units for Burlington seniors.

“We are developing a ‘Life Time Concept’ with the fitness club and living units,” announced Fremont-Smith. “We are calling it ‘Life Time Living.’”

Other amenities of the proposal consist of the building being a certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and an MBTA bus stop will be on-site.

Nordblom is also asking the planners to consider conditionally approving a small retail parcel adjacent to the building when the time comes.

“We want permission to market a small retail pad and we will come back to the Planning Board when we know who the tenant is,” requested Fremont-Smith.

The planners seemed generally enthusiastic about the proposal, but members withheld from much inquiries and dialogue because of their packed agenda and the fact that no comments from the other town departments existed at the time of this hearing. The recommendation was for the board to review the permits and give any questions they have to Planning Staff, who will relay that information to Nordblom Company so progress can be made before the board’s next meeting.

The planners voted to continue this matter to its next meeting on Jan. 21.

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