Hong Kong buildings to see before they’re demolished


We honestly didn’t know demolishing Grade One historic buildings was even possible until we found out about Maryknoll House. Completed in 1935, it was built on a hilltop overlooking Stanley Bay to be the Asia headquarters, language school, and vacation home for the Maryknoll Fathers, who founded schools like Maryknoll Convent School, Maryknoll Fathers School, and Marymount Secondary School. The building is a pretty literal expression of hybridity between East and West, combining Western building materials with Chinese features including a symmetrical layout and a glazed, overhanging roof.

Japanese forces took possession of the building in the early 40s, protecting it from wartime destruction, and the mission used the house until its sale to luxury housing developers in 2018. The building’s cultural asset status will save some defining features, but until demolition takes place, there’s nothing like seeing it in its original form. 

How to visit/view: This building is closed to visitors as of 2018, but you can still see it from outside. Make your way by foot or car up to Stanley Village Rd until you reach the Stanley Knoll residential complex, then turn left onto a short path between House A and Block D that leads straight to Maryknoll House’s front gate at 44 Stanley Village Rd.

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