Discreet drainage for innovative garden design


Outdoor space is an increasingly sought-after commodity, with research suggesting that a well-kept stylish garden can add as much as 20% to a property’s value1. Installing effective drainage is integral to the long-term health of a garden, which is why Langlea Garden Design and Construction pays close attention to the products it uses in its award-winning projects.

Not so secret value of a garden

According to research from Post Office Money, landscaping can add significant value to a property, offering a much better ROI than other types of home improvement.2 By comparing the initial outlay of landscaping improvements with the tangible effect it has on overall property price, it represents a safe bet for those looking to improve their home.

Aside from the financial returns, there is also an increasing acknowledgement of the link between outdoor space and mental wellbeing. Trends such as biophilic design seek to connect buildings with nature, which is especially pertinent when you consider we spend more than 90% of our lives indoors3. However, there is no replacement for time spent outside, and the positive effect of a well-kept garden should not be underestimated.

Langlea Garden Design and Construction specialises in bespoke, award-winning and fully managed residential garden design and construction projects, with a clear notion of the value that landscaping has. Taking on high-end projects, with carefully considered designs, Langlea works closely with its clients to produce outstanding results. Key to the success of its projects is a sophisticated bottom-up approach that seeks to deliver gardens that don’t just look good, but are built to last. Integral to the longevity and health of a landscaping project is its drainage, which is why it must be considered from an early stage.

The key role of drainage

The primary role of drainage in gardens is to prevent rainwater from collecting and causing damage to the structural integrity of landscape features. It essentially serves as a ‘behind the scenes’ function, which ensures that the outdoor space continues to be usable.

Oliver Collins, Product Marketing Manager, Building and Landscape at ACO Water Management, comments: “Drainage is something that should be considered in the earliest stages of landscape design, as careful positioning is crucial to its performance. By factoring in drainage channels right from the outset, landscape designers can ensure that gardens continue to look great, even when the weather isn’t.”

Drainage shouldn’t be viewed in opposition to pleasant aesthetics. With a number of discreet options and a variety of designs and finishes available, it should contribute to the look of a garden.

Visibly discreet

For a number of its projects, Langlea has opted for ACO’s HexDrain® Brickslot drainage, owing to its discreet finish which doesn’t impinge on the overall design of the garden. In projects such as Line and Pocket Oasis, the understated HexDrain® Brickslot quietly manages water flow without drawing the eye.

Francesca Sideris, Co-owner of Langlea, said: “We use ACO products on a number of our projects, predominantly due to the versatility it offers for the wide range of landscape styles we produce. The ‘Complete the Look’ offering is a brilliant example of this, which allows us to easily match gratings to the surroundings.

“But we also know that while looking good, the drainage has to perform to a level that ensures the ongoing health of the garden. We…

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