Architecture firm preserving Davidge Mansion in Binghamton


BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Binghamton’s Chianis and Anderson architecture firm has moved into the historic Davidge Mansion after developers proposed turning it into student apartments.

Community members spoke out against that proposal.

Chianis and Anderson has experience in helping to preserve older buildings. The mansion was built in 1903 and has seen a variety of owners throughout the years. Before the firm moved in, the building had been vacant for more than a year, founding partner Greg Chianis said. The building they said was structurally sound when they moved in. They intend to keep it that way and preserve the structure for years to come.

Broome County Historian Roger Luther said the mansion couldn’t be in better hands.

“We don’t have a lot of nice historic mansions left and we have had some bad experiences just down the street the Rose mansion which was demolished years ago, Luther said. “It’s fresh in everybody’s mind. Not only that, student housing has taken it’s toll.”

Luther has no doubts this is a historic preservation success story for Binghamton. He was concerned the proposed student housing use for the building could have altered both the interior and exterior. The inside is home to large stained glass windows and intricate molding.

The firm turned the ballroom into offices. Individual bedrooms in the original structure are now office’s for the firms partners. Bedrooms for the annex are home to project managers, Chianis said.

Chianis said the spectacular architecture inside the building has an impact on the architects working inside.

“It’s an inspirational thing, we tend to think we are all creative and this certainly helps with that,” Chianis said.

Founding Partner Todd Anderson said he believes the project is good for the community.

“As far as the community goes I tend to think trying to preserve this and the few historical buildings we have left is definitely I think a win.”

He said it has been heartwarming too see the support they have received.

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